Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hiking and Journey To The Top of Mount Sibayak and Karo Highlands

Mount Sibayak is a small volcano overlooking the town of Berastagi in northern Sumatera, Indonesia. its last eruption was more than a century ago, geothermal activity in the form of steam vents and hot springs remains high on and around the volcano.

Sibayak is a term from the Karo - Batak language referring to a founding community. It is relatively easy to climb and has been a tourist attraction since colonial times (Based on wikipedia).

It's time to share my experience Hiking in Sibayak Mountain, a beautiful mountain located in the north of Karo highlands. We departed in the afternoon at 01.30 PM and started climbing up from Raja Berneh Village. Hiking Sibayak wouldn't be too difficult, you can reach more than halfway to Mount Sibayak by hiring a motorcycle. the route is quite easy, if you are used to hike, it would be easy peasy lemon squeazy for you. 

 (Hiking Sibayak With Friends)

As a group of amateur hikers like me and my friends, We found it a little tough but still enjoyable, we took breaks to control our breathing during the journey all the way to the peak of Sibayak, taking break is a must, it will help you increase energy and avoid burnout. The Volcano was still hissing fumes. it was rocky and we smelled the stink of sulphur all over the mountain and we also saw the crater in the distance.

                                                                                                     (Me, Myself on the Top of the Mount Sibayak)

Luckily the weather was so fine but we still soaked in sweat. it took 4 hours to reach the top of the mountain, there were many people camping up there and it came as no surprise to me that the view was beyond amazing, the fumes, the rocks, the crater, the smelly sulphur and the happy faces surrounding the volcano were just a perfect combination, we found heaven on earth, our efforts finally paid off. It was my second visit to volcano, my first one was a visit to Pusuk Buhit Volcano when I was in junior high school for our school farewell celebration.

(Me and my Buddies enjoying Sibayak and its surrounding mountains)

After reaching the top of the volcano we trekked down Mount Sibayak and then we took a short dip in a hotsprings for a price of 6000 Rupiah, it's so relaxing and then we went back to my friend's house, it's time to call it a day and night, time to take a rest and go to bed.

Before we went back to Medan by Sinabung Bus, we made a visit to a beautiful gold-coloured Pagoda Vihara in Berastagi. unfortunately we struck by heavy rain, but since we were unstoppable we kept moving on and Thank God as we walked the road to Pagoda we saw a mini bus (Angkot) passed by. we continued going to Pagoda Vihara by bus and took some colourful and cute pictures with my beloved friends. 

 (Pagoda Vihara in Berastagi)

And Tadahhhh.. It's a wrap!! that's the end of our fantastic journey, I am so looking forward to our next adventure.. bye!!

Friday, February 6, 2015


Lake Toba is a lake with 100 kilometres long, 30 kilometres wide, and up to 505 metres (1,666 ft) deep. Located in the middle of the northern part of Sumatera. The lake is also known a Supervolcano, It is the largest lake in Indonesia and the world's largest volcanic lake.

There's an island called Samosir In the middle of Lake Toba, embellished with several wonderful spots that attract both domestic and international tourists.

Samosir Island is one of Indonesia's finest Island with a rich heritage and stunning scenery. Home to the Batak Tribe and the Siallagan Kingdom is famed for its architecture as well as its history that practiced Cannibalism and buildings being constructed with fiber roof and without nails.

Samosir is a fine destination in itself, its location in the middle of Lake Toba means travellers can easily reach the island by road through Medan - Berastagi - Tele trip or take a ferry to Tomok from Parapat. 

Travellers can get around Lake Toba and its vicinity by ferry or by hiring a jet ski and even travelling by bus is still convenient and enjoyable.

Before you book your hotel room, you can compare the prices to make sure you get the best deal on you trip.

Make sure you visit Tuktuk, Tuktuk is located in the east side of Samosir Island, providing a good link by ferry to Tomok in Samosir Island. It's a 40 minute travel by Ferry to Parapat. it is the most visited place by tourists because of its strategic and wonderful location. it probably one of the most exciting and romantic areas in Samosir Island

Tomok is the Samosir gateway to Parapat. Tomok is well known as a place where travellers can buy high artistic value souvenirs such as carvings, sculptures and accessories, ulos and others related to Batak Tribe, from Tomok travellers can continue travelling to Desa Siallagan, Pasir Putih and Hot Spring Pusuk Buhit Mountain that used to be known as Toba Supervolcano.

Sunday, August 25, 2013



Indonesia is a part of Asian countries blessed with thousands of wonderful islands, these islands are enriched with startling underwater views full of variety of sea creatures such as fishes and seaweeds. one of its best Islands is Wakatobi Island located in Southeast Sulawesi Province. it has 93 fish species and several types of sea birds and 750 of the total 850 species of coral, in addition, it has the crystal clearest water of a sky-blue color and wonderful bays.  

Wakatobi is also the name of a national park established in 1996, with a total area of ​​1.39 million hectares, involving marine biodiversity. it has the potential of high value marine natural resources , Wakatobi stunning panoramic underwater world is absolutely worth enjoying.

Exploring the fabulous Wakatobi Island is simply going to be your best experience ever.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Blooming Royal Azalea In Illimsan Mountain South Korea

Have you ever heard about Royal Azalea..?  If not, You have to enjoy the Blooming Royal Azalea in South Korea. Let me tell why you have to..!
(The Beautiful and Fresh Royal Azalea)

Royal Azalea has been featured in some Korean Dramas, maybe some of you have seen it.
Exploring Korea in the spring is very enjoyable. Spring begins on April and ends in June. In this season Korea transformed into land of a thousand flowers. Sakura begins to blossom on the second and third week of April, then Tulip flowers in late April, followed by Canola flowers in early May, and on the second week of May We can enjoy Royal Azalea.

(Ohhh.. Heavenly Beautiful..!!)
The best place to witness the beauty of the blooming Royal Azalea is in Illimsan mountain located in Jeollanam-do province in the southwest of South Korea. It took about five to six hours from the city of Seoul by bus or train to reach Illimsan mountain.

You can also chat with some climbers as you walk all the way to the Illimsan Peak, From the mountain peak you can enjoy Pink Royal Azaleas unfold beautifully around the Illimsan Peak. The weather is so fiercely hot there that makes sweat running down your body, but it will go away all of sudden when you enjoy the beautiful Royal Azalea combined with breezy winds. Everything's suddenly FRESH..!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Visit North Sumatera Province, Indonesia

Have You ever been to North Sumatera, Indonesia? If No, You should come and enjoy the wonderful view of North Sumatera Province especially Lake Toba, It is one of the largest lakes in the world and it's also the only lake which its birth affected human population. D3HFSE94C9RJ You also have to visit Simalem Resort in Karo Regency. I will tell you more detail in my next posts..

Thursday, May 2, 2013



Kuta Beach is a tourist object located in southern Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung regency. This beach is the largest and one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bali, Indonesia ,It has also become the mainstay attraction of Bali since the early 1970s. Kuta Beach is often referred to as "sunset beach" as opposed to Sanur beach. In Kuta there are many shops, restaurants and sunbathing areas.


Sorake Botohilitano located in District of Teluk Dalam, South Nias regency, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia,  the distance is about 125 kilometers from Sumatra Island. Its location is somewhat remote, You can reach the area by Bus or Motorcycle.
Sorake Beach Probably sounds strange to some of you But for surfing enthusiasts, It's like God's priceless gift to them..


Parangtritis is the most enchanting beach in Yogyakarta, It's a sloping beach embellished with rocky hills, dunes and black sand. Parangtritis has many interesting phenomenas from natural scenery to supernatural story. Woods and Bamboos were driven ashore by the Parangtritis waves. Parangtritis is also a place where you can enjoy beautiful and romantic sunset.


Bangka Belitung Beach adorned with white sand and large stones, you can swim, sunbath and even play hide and seek behind these large stones.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Travel Sucker Has Born

Travel Sucker Has Born, This blog is dedicated to those whose life would suck without Travelling..
We will share everything related to travel/tourism destinations, Just Pack your bag, lock your door and move your arse, we're gonna have a horrafic days.. Let's Go Travelling..!